Frequently Asked Questions

What is BridgePort PMX?

BridgePort PMX is an all-digital private investment marketplace that allows wealth advisors and sophisticated investors* to search for, access, diligence and seamlessly invest in private investments, such as hedge funds, private equity, venture capital and direct privates.  Leveraging the power of BridgePort’s digital private investment ecosystem, wealth advisors and investors can conduct dynamic searches, such as by strategy, theme (e.g. Sustainability, Minority-Owned, etc.), investment program (e.g. Growth, Yield, Inflation-Protection) and more; create custom private investment Watchlists; seamlessly onboard, transact and access integrated reporting information and more.

*BridgePort PMX is for Accredited Investors Only, as that term is defined by Rule 501 of Regulation D under the Securities Act of 1933

What are the Primary Benefits for Wealth Advisors?

  • More dynamic and compelling investment opportunities for your clients to further diversify their portfolio to include private investments, with many investment minimums as low as $50,000
  • A well-informed investor journey with a keen sense of awareness of the benefits and risks of private investments, leveraging rich educational content, white papers, webinars and more
  • Access to high quality OCIO (Outsourced Chief Investment Officer) and Investment Due Diligence services for research, diligence, investment program design and more
  • The ability to explore a variety of pre-curated private investments on BridgePort PMX, or conduct mandate-specific searches based on a variety of factors- such as returns, volatility, and drawdowns; or others, such as themes, strategies, sectors and more
  • Your own white-labeled, fully branded interface with a custom, private investment universe that can be shared with and seamlessly accessible to your clients
  • All-digital client onboarding, private investment transactions and transparent reporting that includes proof of ownership, valuation, investment updates and more
  • A refreshing, and fully customizable product platform with attractive compensation arrangements

What are the Primary Benefits to Private Issuers?

  • Private Issuers gain access to a robust distribution channel of wealth advisors and sophisticated investors, in a highly fluid and frictionless, all-digital environment
  • Order aggregation features through an optional feeder structure, to provide investors with optimal diversification (e.g. $50k), while still adhering to larger investment minimums (e.g. $1M+) and preserving existing product structures
  • A compelling product summary “Indication” feature, which allows private issuers to examine the feasibility and interest level of new products, before committing to structuring costs
  • A white-labeled, custom user interface to customize each digital entity profile, and operate in a fully digitized private investment ecosystem throughout the entire investment life cycle- from inception, diligence, and capital raising, through transacting and reporting

Is private market investing notably different than public market investing?

Absolutely.  A well-informed investor journey is a meaningful underpinning on the BridgePort PMX platform, particularly given that private investing can be a notably different experience than public investing.  Private investment sponsors are not required to provide investors with nearly the level of disclosure that public companies are, and it is presumed that private investors have the experience to understand the risks and bear the potential economic loss of private investing.

How does BridgePort’s security compare to existing paper-based transactions?

BridgePort PMX is powered by BridgePortTM, a SOC 2, commercial-grade SaaS platform, utilizing multiple enhanced security protocols for data privacy and protection:

  • AWS Cloud hosted platform, with world-class security, meeting SOC1/SAE 3402, SOC2, SOC3 assurance programs
  • End-to-End (E2E) encryption for maximum data privacy
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) for identity protection
  • Routine third-party penetration testing
  • User-controlled permission protocol for authorized delegates and interested parties

Compare this with the more common practice today, where multiple investors, sponsors and administrators transmit highly sensitive subscription, transaction and reporting information through email.

Is BridgePort PMX compatible with third-party reporting systems and independent custodians?

All client transaction and reporting data on BridgePort PMX is highly compatible and can be shared across a variety of third-party reporting systems and custodians. Please contact us at for more information.

What is the cost to use BridgePort PMX?

There is no cost for investors to access and transact on BridgePort PMX, though there may be costs associated with the entities in which they invest.   For Advisors, there is no cost to access BridgePort PMX to review content and products.  However, Advisors may choose to license BridgePort to procure a white-labeled interface that allows for a fully branded, custom private marketplace with key client onboarding, transacting and reporting features.

For private investment sponsors to list their product(s) on BridgePort PMX, there is an annual licensing fee.  There may be additional fees associated with dedicated feeder structures, to the extent they are required, and other administrative costs. 

For more information, please contact us at